SeaBright is Peter Murphy's production company which is situated just outside of Antigonish, on the coast of St. Georges Bay, on the eastern mainland of Nova Scotia. SeaBright has released 11 productions on either DVD or VHS See DVDs Available and produced 9 nationally broadcast productions mostly on traditional Celtic music and culture both here in Cape Breton and other parts of the Celtic Kingdom. Some of the musicians featured on Bravo and CBC TV include Buddy MacMaster, JP Cormier as well as blues musician Garret Mason and many more.

Peter Murphy/SeaBright has also produced numerous commissioned productions on a variety of subjects ranging from promotional to industrial, social and cultural. See Filmography Recent productions include a major research and educational documentary film of national interest called "You Can Do It!", the story of The Antigonish Movement, the fascinating story of Jimmy Tompkins and Moses Coady and the co-operative movement in the Maritimes (Watch Clip) as well as smaller productions of interest locally like:

The Beaver Man

(Watch Clip)

The Gift

(Watch Clip)

The Black Donnelys

(Watch Clip)

SeaBright is always interested in your feedback on its productions as well as in consulting for video projects for promotional or educational use, for general release, presentations or uploading to YouTube.

Peter Murphy at or 902-863-1394