Filmmaker Peter Murphy and his wife Anna Syperek have three daughters, Rose, Susannah and Noella. They live and work out of their home on the shores of St.Georges Bay just outside of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Anna Syperek is a visual artist working in oil, watercolour and printmaking.

SeaBright Productions is the name of Peter's company, a production company that has produced 9 major nationally broadcast productions and 11 general released DVD/VHS productions, as well as numerous locally commissioned productions, from tourism to family violence. (see Filmography)

Before getting involved with moving images, Peter was a still B&W photographer documenting rural life and exhibiting his work in various galleries across Canada. He has been awarded a number of grants for his photographic work including a Canada Council Grant. As well, he was very involved in historic photographic processes, including photogravure, and started the only authentic wet plate collodian tintype studio in Canada at the historically recreated village of Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia.

Eventually he jumped from the oldest image-making technologies to one of the most recent, digital video production - and SeaBright Productions was born. Now after 20 years or so, SeaBright has established itself as a major source of productions dealing with Celtic music and culture, especially Cape Breton music.

SeaBright's productions are well known for portraying an authentic way of life and a unique culture in an entertaining and informative style.