Peter Murphy, SeaBright Productions, is a Nova Scotian independent filmmaker who has  produced 10 nationally broadcast films on traditional Celtic Music and numerous short docs and videos on a variety of local subjects from his home on the shores of St. Georges Bay, near Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

  • Back&White Photography
  • I started out as a self taught B&W still photographer documenting rural life, developing and printing my photos and exhibiting in galleries across eastern Canada. This is an early image from Ireland, part of a series bought and exhibited by the National Film Board of Canada in Ottawa.
  • Historical Photography
  • Independent research into historical photographic processes in Rochester, New York, resulted in the creation of the only authentic 1860’s wet plate collodian Tintype studio in Canada- and only the second in North America- in the historic recreated village of Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia

While in Rochester I fell in love with this very early photo-process and learned how to use it to create contemporary images. PHOTOGRAVURE  is an intaglio printmaking and photo-mechanical process whereby a copper plate is grained (adding a pattern to the plate) and then coated with a light-sensitive gelatin tissue which had been exposed to a film positive, and then etched, resulting in a high quality intaglio plate that can reproduce the detailed continuous tones of a photograph, but with the richness of rag paper and coloured oil based inks.

  • Eventually I got into moving pictures/video, first producing locally commissioned projects and then creating a series of independent documentaries both for TV and VHS and DVD on Celtic music and culture .



Presently I’m involved in a large research and film project on the early 70’s immigration movement to Nova Scotia, the story of these back-to-the-landers and how they have influenced life in our part of world. My brother, Chris, is a retired sociology prof from Dalhousie, and we have been interviewing many “Come From Aways” throughout out Nova Scotia. Chris will publish a book based on the research and I’ll produce a documentary film. We have met some really interesting people tucked in the backwoods of Nova Scotia with fascinating stories ………….stay tuned.
Along with my artist wife, Anna Syperek, we have started work on a book, a visual memoir of our life on the edge in Nova Scotia. It will be some time down the road before it blossoms, but it is in the works..

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