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Broadcast History
Produced and directed by Peter Murphy

Born to the Blues, Garret Mason - 24min. Bravo TV
J P Cormier, the Man and his Music - 48min. Bravo TV
Finisterre, Celtic France & his music - two 48min. mini-series Bravo TV
Buddy MacMaster, Live In Concert - 48min. Bravo T and released on DVD
Music in the Blood - 48min. Bravo TV and released on VHS
Rise Again - 60min. Vision TV and released on VHS
The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling - 90min. Bravo TV, Vision TV & Knowledge Net
The Master of the Cape Breton Fiddle - 48min. CBC & Vision TV

Production History
Produced and directed by Peter Murphy

- The Beaver Man - 12 min.
A sketch of one of the last of the old time trappers, a heart-warming portrait of Charlie Landry and how he overcame a childhood handicap to become a wildlife authority.
- Men's Health Center - 22 min.
An intimate look at the variety of men drawn to this pioneering healthcare project, problem males who tend to fall between the cracks of the traditional healthcare system.
- You Can Do It, The Antigonish Movement - Tompkins/Coady Multi Media Project - 72 min.
A unique social/economic movement in 1930's Atlantic Canada that used adult education, cooperatives and credit unions to make fishermen, farmers and mine workers "masters of their own destiny". Thanks to the inspirational work of two rebel Irish priests, Rev. Jimmy Tompkins and Rev. Moses Coady, their legacy is at work today through out the world and in this case Ethiopia through the work of the Coady International Institute. A short trailer can be viewed here:
- The Fiddle Train - 24 min
Reknowned Scottish/American fiddler Alisdair Fraser takes a group of enthusiastic musicians and would be musicians through the Rocky Mountains across Canada.
- A Man You Don't Meet Every Day - 60 min. DVD
This documentary follows the story of two men you don't meet everyday: Jerome Downey, one of Newfoundland's important singers and tradition bearers, who is experiencing the early onset of Alzheimers, and his nephew, a singer and song writer who is keeping alive the music he's learned over the years from his uncle. As we see from well-known folklorists, if not for this special relationship, many of these Irish and Newfoundland songs might never be heard. This production is part of a commercially released DVD and CD combination featuring many of these seldom heard songs.
- Born to the Blues, Garrett Mason - 24 min. BRAVO TV
A Portrait of the Juno Award winning young blues musician Garrett Mason, who is the son of the Prime Minister of the Blues, Dutch Mason
- Celtic Music Center, Judique, N.S. 20 min.
Two short instructional videos on Cape Breton Fiddling and Step dancing for permanent display
- The Little Festival that Does - Labrador Creative Arts Festival 20 min.
A documentary project on one of Canada's most unique and remote arts festivals. The project was to teach a group of highschool students in Labrador to assist me to make this documentary film.
- J P Cormier, the Man and his Music - 48 min. BRAVO TV
J P Cormier as a young man worked as a studio musician in Nashville before returning to Cape Breton to continue his career as as a prolific award winning multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter.
- Painted Rooms of Nova Scotia - Heritage Canada 40 min.
A documentary look at historic painted murals in Nova Scotia and the conservation process.
- The Road to the Isle - 20 min.
A documentary on the history of the Canso Causeway to mark its 50th year anniversary
- The Cabot Trail - 90 min. 2004 - DVD
A journey around Cape Breton's spectacular Cabot Trail. The people involved in the music and cultures associated with this magnificent stretch of highway.
- Chasing the Blue Fin Tuna - 10 min. DVD
Video on permanent display at the Tuna Interpretive Centre, Cape George. A look at tuna fishing in St.Georges Bay, where are found the largest tuna in the world.
- The Magic in the Cape Breton Masterpiece, Inverness County 12 min.
promotional funded by the Inverness County Recreation and Tourism.
- A Family Tradition, Cape Breton Step Dancing - Instructional - 90 min. (DVD)
Mary Janet MacDonald is recognized throughout North America as one of the most established and popular step dance teachers. Instructional and historically and culturally informative.
- The Breast Choice, 10 min.
promotional film for encouraging breast-feeding as an alternative aimed at first mothers and distributed to High Schools in Canada.
- Finisterre, Celtic France & Spain - two 48 min. mini-series BRAVO TV
A documentary journey that explores Celtic music and culture in two of the most remote and least known parts of Europe, Galicia and Asturias in Spain and Britanny in France. Finisterre means "end of the world" and in both of these regions there is a vibrant movement dedicated to maintaining the Celtic culture.
Part 1- Brittany 48 min.     Part 2- Galicia & Asturias 48 min.
- Buddy MacMaster, Live In Concert 48 min. BRAVO TV and released on DVD
Cape Breton's legendary master traditional fiddler is featured in a concert at the stately Savoy Theater, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. This classic concert is embellished by excerpts from performances in a variety of venues from typical square dances, Red Shoe pub, Glencoe church and a Celtic Colours jam with one of Ireland's great fiddlers.
- Millennium Project, Strait Regional School Board
taught documentary video production, part time, for 6 months at four rural high schools on projects related to local history and culture.
- Coach for Life -The Father of Maritime Football, Don Loney; 48 min.
A fascinating profile of the legendary Atlantic University football coach, a charismatic character who had an intriguing hidden life that few got to experience.
- Music in the Blood - 48min. BRAVO TV and released on VHS
Many musicologists believe that the Highland settlers to Cape Breton Island preserved the traditional form of fiddle music and stepdancing that were lost to Scotland over time. A group of the masters of these traditions return to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland to share their traditional Highland Cape Breton style of music and dance.
- Rise Again - 60 min. Vision TV and released on VHS
The making of the first Stan Rogers Folk Festival. Inspired by the music and legacy of one of Canada's finest song writers, Stan Rogers, a group of young music fans in Canso, Nova Scotia, decide to start a song writers' festival in his honour. Stan Rogers, who's mother came from the area, wrote many of his classic songs about this fishing community. This documentary shows how they manged to create one of the most sucessful and popular music festivals in Canada.
- A Remarkable Community - 40 min.
A profile of Antigonish town and surrounding area- Antigonish Chamber of Commerce.
- Cape Breton Island, Vol 2 - 60 min. VHS
A collage of people, cultures, music and landscape of Cape Breton Island.. A variety of musicians from all three major cultures, Highland Scots, Acadian French and our first nations people the Mi'kmaq.
- The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling - 90 min. BRAVO TV, Vision TV & Knowledge Network
Despite what it seems, the bagpipe did not come originally from Scotland. This is a documentary journey into the world of the bagpipes; it starts in the Cape Breton kitchen of one of the last Cape Breton dance pipers and ends up in the middle of France at an international festival of piping and pipe makers. Along the way we visit Scotland for the world Pipe Band Championship, an Irish pub for the Uilleann pipes in a a attempt to find out the origins of this much maligned instrument.
- First Century - 40 min.
A Documentary film on the Sisters of St.Martha, the first hundred years of the congregation of this order of nuns. They came from the huimble farms of Eastern Nova Scotia to grow into an order that would set up hospitals throughout Canada.
- Forestry- Wildlife and Watercourses - 20 min.
An industrial training video for the St. Mary's River Forestry-Wildlife Project
- Cape Breton Island, Vol 1 - 60 min. VHS
The people, landscape and music of Cape Breton
- The Master of the Cape Breton Fiddle - 48 min. CBC and Vision TV
Before this documentary, Cape Breton's master of the fiddle, Buddy MacMaster, who is held in high regard in the international world of traditional music, was virtually unknown in the rest of Canada. This production is a profile of the man and his music as it follows him from a square dance in Judique, Cape Breton to the Highlands of Scotland. With performances and interviews with fellow musicians we get a picture of just how great and important this mild mannered gentleman and master fiddler is.
- Working it Out - 25 min.
A training video for the prevention of family violence for the Naomi Society.
- By the Sea, Canso - 20 min.
Tourism promotional video for the Canso Regional Development Association.
- Two Special Places - 25 min.
A tourism promotional video for Inverness and Richmond Counties.
- Cape Breton Island, Vol 1 - 60 min. VHS
A collage of people, cultures, music and landscape of Cape Breton Island.. A variety of musicians from all three major cultures, Highland Scots, Acadian French and our first nations people the Mi'kmaq.
- C.A.C.L. - 20 min. Antigonish Canadian Association for Community Living.
The film follows the experiences of the people involved in this handicap workshop.
- A Highland Gathering - 60 min. VHS
A documentary look at all the traditions, colours and events of the oldest continuously running Highland Games in North America (since 1863) -The Antigonish Highland Games

Filmworks - Antigonish Regional Development Authority 2007
Six months teaching documentary film making with youth at risk developing short films for local not for profit community groups in the Antigonish community.

Arts Smarts, Artist in the Classroom, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia 2004
A 6 month part time teaching project with Antigonish High School students and St. Andrews Junior High school, using documentary film making as a method of learning.

Native Gaelic Speakers - funded by Heritage Canada 1995-96 A research and production project consisting of recording 26 extensive interviews in Scottish Gaelic with some of the last living native Gaelic speakers in in Cape Breton and mainland Nova Scotia.
The project was created as an archival record and a teaching tool for the Celtic Studies program at St.Francis. Xavier University, Antigonish Nova Scotia